DLand - Feebles and Fishies

A couple of things I learned watching Meet the Feebles. Frogs foughts in Vietnam. Hippos have huuuuuge tits - poke your eye out tits. If an elephant and a chicken have sex, the baby is might crazy looking. If you snort borax you melt into a green ball of slime. Nasal sex is an up and coming porn industry. Your head can fit inside your ass. The movie was entertaining but not your average film. Sorta like Clockwork Orange and the Muppets mushed together. Feel free to borrow my DVD if you wish. Overall I give it two hippo tits up.

In other news ... The glory of cable modem is mine! All mine! I'm so pleased I could just faint. Now wild horses couldn't drag me out of these digs unless it was to a huge house with a T1 line. I'll recant that at some point but for now there is no other place to live besides here. Paradise of internet connections.

Speaking of digs, I'm very excited to hear that Mike and Sue have found a suitable home in the beach area and will be moving here soon. It's stinky that Mike has to drive back and forth in the meantime 2.5 hours one way but I suppose it could be worse.

We were eating at Ying's Wednesday and we sat next to the fish tank. There were these little goldfish type fish in the tank and two of them were making a little nest. It was the neatest thing. They had made a little gravel moon crater in the middle of the tank. And they were pulling out rocks from the middle by sucking them up and spitting them out over the edge. It was amazing to watch. I could barely concentrate on my food. I was wondering if the little fishies knew disappointment, frustration and grief. Like if I had reached in and pushed all their rocks back in would they have been like “Fuckin' A!” or would they have just turned around and said “Hey, where did all these rocks come from?” and keep going. They say ignorance is bliss.

SweetPea has lost 17.5 pounds so far in his Weight Watchers adventure. I'm extremely proud of him. His pants are falling off of him! He compared it all to role-playing and the similarities are uncanny. Every new cookbook is a monster manual and every equation for how many points a food has is like figuring what level spells you can cast. It's pretty easy and quite entertaining. We're both eating better and he's getting a healthy dose of positive reinforcement. So, go Sweetie go!

Oh, and I'm still car shopping. Can't ever be happy with what you have.