DLand - Too Much Fun for One Birthday Girl

Birthdays are so great there should be more of them. Friday was a leisurely trip to Richmond for gaming (I'm the voyeur in the group - but it's equally entertaining). Saturday was a pleasant breakfast at IHOP followed by a maddening dash back to the office in time for some work projects. Then a trip to dinner at the Duck-In before a VERY late movie at the MacCarthur Center to see Shrek - which was a very entertaining movie. I have not laughed out loud in a movie in a long time and there were moments in that one were I had to pinch myself. Maybe I was just feeling punchy. We make it home by 12:30 or so. I never have to worry about Jeremy having an affair behind my back because he can't keep any secret from me. He couldn't stand waiting to give me my present. So since it was technically the 20th, I got my beautiful black opal pendant to wear to bed.

The next day was a pleasant jaunt to my parents' to borrow the truck and gab for a while. Then off to Bossman's to eat way too much food for lunch and dinner while we watched the entire season of the Sopranos including the finale. I looooooove that show. Love it. Love it. Love it. Bossman was a sweetie and saved them all on his Tivo for me. But that's a lot of Sopranos to watch so we didn't finish until 3am. What a night. We had homemade ice cream in two flavors and barbeque chicken. Mmmmm. There were some rousing games of ping pong and Bossman got me a ping pong table for my birthday! I'm so happy I could burst. It's a Kettler indoor/outdoor kind and their indestructable. I can't wait to put ours together at home. Oh the joy of ping pong. I am a ping pong wizard. Ok, well, maybe not, but I really like the game. It's just easy enough that anyone can play without having to be good.

Oh, and Carl sent me a DVD of Meet the Feebles which I plan on watching tonight. It's described as “the Muppets on acid.” Expect a review of that soon. I'm very curious about it. Carl is a pretty kick ass father-in-law. Other than that, not much to report. It's been a good week of many cool things.