DLand - You want to put what where?!

Jeremy and I had a non-argument in the car about piercings and tattoos. I call it a non-argument because it was more of a clenched-jaw tense conversation about body modification and what would be ridiculous and what would be reasonable. My prude husband seems to think that anything other than earrings is ugly and worthless. You may choose to agree with him or not. I was proud of myself for resisting the “Fuck you, I'm gonna go pierce my forehead” response. I would like to say I'm not a piercing/tattoo fanatic but I do admire them on other people. And I toy with the idea of getting something myself. But there are too many possibilities and many of those are “no turning back” situations. Bah. It is a fruitless discussion because I'm a big chicken. I said that the best tattoos follow the shape of the body part it's on. They look less like stickers and more like body art. But then those are usually more visible and more in your face - the pink elephant in your job interview. So I said that I think the lower back is really fabulous tattoo real estate. But I find that body part so beautiful that I fear that adding a tattoo would adulterate something so attractive on its own. This is where SweetPea looks at me like I'm from outerspace. “Dude, you put way too much thought into this.” So he says “Do you think you should then find a more *ugly* body part to tattoo?!” No, of course, not. But then what is it there for? To accent the body part or is the skin just canvas? It's all so complicated.

Any piercings or tattoos you find awesome or icky? Tell me what you think.

The other highlight of our car ride was when I tried to dispose of an apple core.

Jeremy (driving): Just chuck it out my window.

Me (half-joking): I'm gonna hit you in the head. I throw like a girl.

Jeremy: Just throw it.

So I try to throw it out and nail the top left corner of the windshield. BAM! Like a bomb going off in the car! Apple slime sprayed all over the dashboard, windshield and my husband. Did I mention I'm left-handed? The sun was in my eyes. I tried to warn him.