DLand - How African Dancing is like Onions

I've been feeling like a slug lately. So Friday, I psyched myself up to stop by and visit my old dance teacher,

Mr. Watson. He is an amazing dancer and I was spoiled to learn from him years

ago. But like I said that was years ago.

So Mr. Watson says every day from 6:30 to 8 is adult dance. Monday is modern,

Tuesday/Thursday is ballet and Wedensday/Friday is African. I agree to see him on

Monday and leave with high hopes. I head off to the dance store and spend a small

fortune on tools for my hobbie. Dance clothes are not cheap. But it was fun and

the owner gave me a 15% discount when she heard I was taking up dance again with

Mr. Watson. I think my $250 tab didn't hurt either.

so Monday, if you recall, I felt like hell. I thought about mustering the

strength to go but couldn't do much but hold my head and watch 8 episodes of

Who's Line Is It Anyways on the Tivo. And then Tuesday was the Charlottesville

adventure. So yesterday was the first visit.

I was all kinds of nervous about it. All the other kids were gonna laugh at me.

It was gonna be awful. But I sucked it up and put on a happy face. This beautiful

petite black woman comes to the door and unlocks it. I sneak in behind her and

explain my situation and ask if I could "sit in" on her class for the day to see

if it's for me. She whole-heatedly agrees. She asks my name and tells me hers is

Sunshine. Yes, Sunshine. At first I was taken aback, but in truth it's a pretty

name. And she was very pretty too, so that didn't hurt.

So she explains how the class is arranged and that there are 9-10 ladies in the

class. I take all this in. And then she starts the class.

I won't get into the details, but it was amazing! I've been a ballet trained girl

and this was no pas-de-chat or arabesque routine. This was feet curled up and

wide open palms and bobbing heads and pelvic twists and lots of ass wiggling. I

must admit, I am a little rusty when it comes to African ass wiggling. But it was

really a blast. I must pat myself on the back for keeping up and catching on. I

still looked like an out of shape ballerina auditioning for Soul Train, but

overall it was a great experience. The truly impressive thing is that I didn't

strain any muscles and feel really good today. The balls of my feet are a little

tender from all the barefoot stuff, but they'll callous soon.

And Sunshine was a joy to learn from. She was happy and supportive and spunky. It

was really amazing. So much so, I'm having a hard time putting it into words. So,

today is ballet with Mr. Watson. I'm gonna give that a go and see how much I've

forgotten. In fact, I better hustle, or I'll be late. More on this soon!

Cutest thing Sunshine said yesterday: You want an onion.

She was talking about toning your ass (for all that wiggling later). Tee hee hee.