DLand - Groin Grabbingly Transcendental Update

Let's get the updates out of the way so I can have a little more focus. All work and no

Diaryland makes Genie a confused girl.

So Friday I got off of work a little early and went to visit my old dance

teacher. He tells me all about his adult dance classes every evening from 6:30 to

8. So I get all jazzed about it (no pun intended) and head off to Jete' to buy

like $200 worth of new dance clothes. But, hey, I'm entitled. More on that later.

Cut to Saturday where we spend all morning working on the fish tank. We switched

out the tank stand for a much prettier one (thank you, Bossman) and a cover for

the top. That involved draining the tank and rearranging the fish stuff and

trying not to kill the fish all in the process. It was very successful.

That afternoon Gus, Mary and Alyssa came into town so Gus could have his birthday

dinner at Ying's. Ying's is the BEST chinese restaurant in the world. So we do

that and then head off to see the Mummy Returns. Oh and right before the movie I

picked up a copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon. I skimmed it looking for

diaryland site ideas. We'll see. I was much braver in Mummy Returns than the

original one, but there were still some watching through my fingers moments. I

was trying to be brave next to the 10 year old girl next to me.

Skip forward to Sunday where Jeremy had to work and I spent all afternoon

trouble-shooting my car. It sputtered and coughed for no good reason. I think it

just wanted attention. We hooked it up to the ninja car computers on Monday and

it said nothing was wrong other than it had the wrong size spark plug in it

(which could have been from when my father was testing the spark with the plug

wire off). Needless to say it was a day down the drain.

Monday was the day Genie felt like death warmed over. I went home at like 11:30

and slept all day. 'Nuff said about that adventurous day.

Tuesday I hit the road for Charlottesville at 6am to meet with some folks at

Univ. of Virginia. Finished up there around 2 and then hoped to make it to Rich

and Gabrielle's in time to yutz a little. But alas, there was no yutzing. For the

world at work had exploded in my absense and I then commandeered their computer

to work remotely until 5. Poo. So then many turkey burgers were consumed and much

fabric was cut out for kick ass outfits. And then I crashed there to leave at 6am

AGAIN on Wednesday to head back to the office. Passed a tractor trailor on the

opposite side of the interstate that had run off the road and made a "new road"

in the pine trees. It actually looked really neat how all the trees had flattened

out in a starburst around the truck. Hope truck guy is okay.

We have a Mac in our office now (never thought I'd see that day). It was

purchased for the DVD burner that's inside it. They are very low in stock

everywhere and you can only get them if you buy a Compaq or a Mac. We hate Compaq

much more than Mac so Mac won out. And I must admit Mac OS X (10) is so much like

Unix or Next that it's not that bad. I just shun the evil Mac OS 9. Ok, enough

goobing. Anyways, this nice little magic box makes it so I can make home movies

into DVDs! I can also make my own music videos and all kinds of neat things - all

on DVD! You know that scene in the Grinch Stole Christmas where the Grinch's

heart grew three times that day? Well, when I saw this little magic box, whatever

organ held my creativity grew three times as big. My heart actually started

beating faster from looking at a computer. God, I'm such a nerd! But I love it.

Oh, and on Tuesday, Homer Simpson said "groin grabbingly transcendental". It was

the one where he becomes a food critic and Lisa is helping him write the reviews.

Lisa: "The food was ... transcendental."

Homer: Can it be groin grabbingly transcendental?

Lisa: DAD!