DLand - Punting on One Entry and Rambling in Another

Well, I had started this whole "window into Genie's life" entry but it sucked ass. I was just running out of interesting things to say about some rather insignificant and needlessly embarrassing memories that have no relation on my current life. It was more like a story retold by a small child. And then we went here and nothing really happened. And then I tried this childish scheme but to no avail. And then there was this other minor detail of my early teenage life that was just like everyone elses. And then Randy Beaman's mom had this dream she was eating a marshmallow and when she woke up, her pillow was gone ...

So, sorry, that story will wait til someone gives a damn (mainly me). The Cliff Notes version is I heard a song in the car the other day that reminded me of when I was in high school and how icky it was, specifically the fact that I never had any boyfriends but plenty of obsessions. The morale is I'm married now and all the boys I obsessed over as a teen were really dorky and by all accounts continue to be so now.

*whew* enough of that.

So today was a totally sucky day at work. It was the day of clueless callers. Somehow during all of this I managed to be fairly polite and happy. So on a positive note I'll tell you about some cute things SweetPea has said lately.

Scene opens: we're walking the dogs around the block and pass our neighbor who has a little girl and a little Barbie Jeep which the little girl drives around in the street.

Jeremy: She's got a Jeep just like mine.

Genie: That's true. I wonder what kind of engine she has in it?

Jeremy: That's a CJ5 instead of CJ7 like mine because there's not much storage room behind the seats and she's got that shorter wheel base.

Genie: Yeah, and she's got the after market decals on it and light bars. She probably never takes it off-roading.

Jeremy: It's probably her boyfriend's Jeep.

Then in Farm Fresh yesterday evening ...

Jeremy (spying another small child in a Jeep Cherokee stroller): Did you see what I just saw?

Genie: Yes, just keep walking.

Jeremy: Can we have a baby so we can get one of those? VROOM! VROOM! (as the shopping cart starts 4-wheeling over the Caution - Wet Floor sign).

Genie: I can't talk to you. Do I know you?