DLand - My Pink Thumb

So I could rant all about how I have driven like 900 miles since Friday morning and covered three states. But I'm not. Because I'm home now and everything is so much better. Let's just say I went to Columbia, SC for work then Richmond for not long enough time and back home Sunday. There's something really serene about coming out of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. I drive through icky Hampton (no offense to its fine residents) and then this tunnel of paranoid idiots and emerge into the waiting room for Heaven. The water is gorgeous, the sky is blue, the sailboats are out and you can smell the salt in the air. I roll down all the windows and stick my head out to get a good lung-full. Then I know I'm home. Why would anyone live anywhere else? I suppose if you had a fear of the water, hated seafood and didn't like a town with a decent economy it would be a sucky place to live. But anybody else has no excuse.

It's spring too and the best time to be around here. Everyone I know is planting things or has bright things sprouting in their yard. I've never had much of a green thumb. I was feeling all sad about this in the car and then looked at my nails. Some of you may remember that I was getting acrylic nails for a while. They looked FABULOUS, but they were high maintenance and I lacked the time to devote to them. But now, after much devotion, I have my own genuine finger nails. I painted them pink last night while watching TV. So these enviable pink buds are sprouting out of my fingers like ten little tulips. I have one bouquet on the stick shift and one draped over 12 o'clock on the steering wheel. Suddenly I feel like I've got a little bit of spring with me everywhere I go. Whee!