DLand - Happy Mary Day

Today is Mary Day. The real Mary Day is April 21st, but today is the day we observe it (at least this year). See, Saturday was Mary's birthday and we were all so wrapped up in our own lives that we (at least Sweetpea and I) completely forgot to call or write or anything. So I'm trying to make up for it today by telling you guys all about Mary. Mary is the best mother-in-law a person could ask for. She's the saint who gave birth to SweetPea and raised him to be the fine upstanding fellow he is today. She still has two other kick ass kids as well who can take up a fair amount of energy but are well worth it. So that's the abbreviated bio on her. Let's get to the good stuff.

You know those beautiful garnets I wear? I was wearing them last weekend if you recall. Those are all Mary's doing. In fact, any attractive jewelry I have on is usually the masterwork of Mary. She has the best taste in jewelry I know. She offers consulting services to a select few (SweetPea being one of them) at Christmas time.

She reads science fiction and fantasy novels. And she buys them in hardback (because how could you wait for the paperback?!) and then gives them to you when she's done. And she's a fast reader, so she's always done before you are. I think most of our Robert Jordan series has come from her.

She'll talk to you about anything. I've never thought, "I dunno. I don't think Mary would understand what I'm going through and would probably just thing it's weird." Usually I'm happy to babble on about anything going on - happy or sad - and she's always got a sympathetic ear and kind word.

She has gorgeous hair. I've seen it in a variety of lengths (it's gotten a lot shorter lately) and have photos from the late sixties when it was down to her butt, but it always looks good. It's dark and thick and has a tiny bit of wave in it. Look out, Vidal Sassoon, here comes Mary.

She's one of the more patient people I've ever met. The yin to my intolerant yang. There are so many situations and people she handles tactfully that I would have taken a wiffle ball bat to.

So today (or tomorrow or next week) say Happy Mary Day to someone. She rocks! Just sing a little ditty in the elevator about her or be really nice to the next person who reminds you of this totally awesome lady.

In other news, our map came into the office today. See we have all these licensees all over the US and we wanted to do a push pin thing for them. Also it's good when you get a new contract from like New Mexico to actually know what time zone and general area the state resides. So we bought this Terra Nova US Map HUGE (77" x 47") and it came in today. It's tacked on the wall outside our offices while we work up a plan on how to mount or frame this thing. Here are some quotes from today:

Bossman: I can see everything east of Utah from my chair!

Genie: Damn, I had no idea Montana was that big! How'd they get so much? Idaho got the shaft!

Bossman: Texas is too big!

Genie: You're right. California and Texas should be split up like Korea and Vietnam.

Bossman: Hey, I can see the finger lakes and the middle finger is pointing at Ithaca.

So, we're not real geography nuts. But now we have 77" x 47" of US trivia to guide us. Did you know that New Mexico has an Elephant Butte Reservation? tee hee hee

One last thing, you have to check out this web site:


I don't really care about the game but the music is intoxicating! I've been "listening" to this web site all afternoon. I get the giggles everytime the guys goes "Op!" tee hee hee200