DLand - The Presidential Zodiac

I took a journey to the top of a tall mountain. And at the top of that mountain I met a man of great age and wisdom. He told me the secret to charting your path of life. Always know your true character, he said. He taught me much while on that peak, and this piece he gave me to carry down the mountain to share ... Ok, well maybe not. Maybe it was more like I was reading an email from a guy who said he had just celebrated his birthday and that he was born in the Year of the Reagan. So I started thinking what that would mean. What year was I born in? What does that say about me? Well, this little project has been weeks in the making and needless to say I know a whole lot more about the United States presidents than I ever did before. Find out your sign and then check the bibliography at the bottom for more information. Don’t forget to sign the guestbook to tell me if I’m on the mark or not.

Year of the Roosevelt (March 4, 1933 - April 12, 1945)

You are warm-hearted, patient and open-minded. Some, however, may call you overly frank. In work, you have a stalwart determination and are flexible to new ideas. You are inspirational to those close to you and do not hesitate to assist anyone in need.

Year of the Truman (April 13, 1945 - January 19, 1953)

You are courageous and a strong leader, but can be stubborn and short-tempered. You will defend your principles unilaterally. You are not prone to excess and tend to choose a moderate path in your career but are very generous in your relationships.

Year of the Eisenhower (January 20, 1953 - January 19, 1961)

You are very athletic, attractive and charming. Your sunny disposition can sometimes mask your true emotions and at show itself at inappropriate times. But your keen intelligence makes you very likeable and trustworthy to others.

Year of the Kennedy (January 20, 1961 - November 22, 1963)

There is nothing half-way about you. You take initiative when others don't and find yourself often in authority positions. But your self-drive can be seen as vanity at times. You are charismatic and idealistic. Literature is one of your passions and strong points.

Year of the Johnson (November 23, 1963 - January 19, 1969)

You are compassionate to those in need but unforgiving of ineptitude in those close to you. You are highly successful and a bit of an overachiever. You look for companionship in most of your relationships and wither without it.

Year of the Nixon (January 20, 1969 - August 8, 1974)

You are highly talented and resourceful. You tend to put yourself in high-profile situations even though you may be a bit of an introvert. You are a pioneer and tend to find new and creative ways of doing things.

Year of the Ford (August 9, 1974 - January 19, 1977)

You are noble and with great integrity. You have openness in your relationships and tend to give much and ask little. Personally, you are a mix of tough and soft but always with unique character. You can be a bit untidy and impulsive but always friendly.

Year of the Carter (January 20, 1977 - January 19, 1981)

You are a spiritual person and compassionate lover of beauty. You tend to be a trendsetter and exotic, setting your own style. You are diplomatic and intuitive to others needs. Your actions may be erratic but the intent is always focused.

Year of the Reagan (January 20, 1981 - January 19, 1989)

You are courageous and optimistic. At times your may have a bad temper or may seem overly aloof. You are faithful, though inclined to jealousy. You are graceful and witty, even under pressure.

Year of the Bush (January 20, 1989 - January 19, 1993)

You are sometimes uncertain of yourself but always loyal to those near you. You have a gift for building relationships and are willing to take risks. Personally, you are uncomfortable with intense emotions. You are clever and versatile in your career.

Year of the Clinton (January 20, 1993 - January 19, 2001)

You are gregarious and popular. You have a keen interest in music and the arts. You are impetuous and sometimes demanding, but always charismatic. You are a strong extrovert.

Year of the W (January 20, 2001 - present)

You are young at heart and adventurous. You have an inventive mind and keen intellect. You can be cold to those unfamiliar to you. You are faithful to those you love.


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