DLand - Humility Shot in the Arm

So my whole brain is just one big jello blob of musings. This is not a normal operating state for the Genie-head, so I'm all in a funk about it. This whole weekend was a very humbling for me. Let's re-cap in third person to make it less painful. Genie prides herself on never getting lost and having a fairly good working plan of the interstates in her area. Every time Genie got in the car from Friday through today, she has made some REALLY STUPID wrong turn that gets her all turned around and on some road that no map wants to even own up to printing. There must be some logical explanation for this. The sun was in her eyes. The signs were taken down. The car had a mind of it's own.

Genie also prides herself on being able to create a piece of costume with reasonable authenticity and style. The italian has potential to be babe-o-licious in about three more woman hours of labor. But she forgot her good lacings and left the sweet pea rings at home and apparently can't even count to 24 (there were 25 lacings on the left side and 23 on the right). Now they say one breast can be bigger than the other, but it probably doesn't merit additional lacings. Apparently no matter how long before the day of the event the dress gets started it will ALWAYS be a work in progress.

Genie apparently doesn't have the cast iron stomach she claims to have. She got fairly drunk fairly quickly and managed to win first prize in the Drink 'til You Puke contest. The embarrassment transcended the rum. Oh, and she thinks she might have touched Susie's boob - twice. But that might have just been some fictitious memory burned into her retinas to pop up about halfway down I-95. Oh, that girl Genie can be such a dork.

Whew, back to first person. So other than that, the weekend was good. I was pleasantly surprised to see Wynn and her kids from New York on Friday and had an entertaining event. I spent a fair amount if time babbling about tents with Sorcha and coming to terms with the fact that my tent technology is soooo old. I'm so glad I sold my first version so I don't have to go home and look at it. But being an optimistic person, I'm glad that I have the awesome Sorcha as a resource after she's worked out so many issues with sewing canvas pavilions. And one day, I'll make a new pavilion that will be better, faster, stronger.

Gotta find something tomorrow to really kick ass at to redeem myself.