DLand - The Original Princess Diana (of Themyscira)

Wonder Woman turns 60 years old this year. She is an icon of my youth and still a heroine of mine. I wore Wonder Woman Underoos for Halloween when I was 3. I even wore them to the car lot where my mother bought the orange Ford Pinto. She's is the quintessential feminist - the first in popular fiction. She's no bra burner. She's a tiara wearing, knee-boot kicking, fighter of evil and Goddess of Truth!

God, and that spin! I used to spin in the living room just like Lynda Carter waiting for my pajamas to transform into gold bracelets and a red halter top.

Did you know that Wonder Woman's creator, William Moulton Marston pioneered research at Harvard University that led to the polygraph? That truth lasso was such a saucy combo of justice and bondage.

So take today and pay homage to Diana Prince's alter ego, maybe you have your own alter ego. Next time you're in the elevator, give a twirl and see if you get those gold bracelets and gold lasso.

Check out these sites for more info on the raven-locked maven.





And when you think you know it all, try the quiz. Not to boast but this Wonder Girl got a 45 out of 50. :)