DLand - A Few Sewing Tips from Miss Genie

1. If you're measuring for a tight-fitting bodice, don't measure with the lift and separate underwire bra on, use the mono-boob sports bra. Your tits look great, but the lacings get a little loose in the cleavage area. Thankfully, everything has a purpose and I've found a cozy little spot to store the insulin pump. I was wondering where I could put the silly thing in this dress anyways. For those without pumps, you could substitute a cell phone or pager, but don't blame me when your breasts starting beeping or vibrating. And I'll probably have to make a padded sack for the pump. That's gonna be a fun little project. 2. Don't go to Joann's in April to look for something to go with your green velvet. The women there just don't understand and if you do find something it's most assuredly NOT on sale. Do, however, go to Joann's to get peeps at 75% off!

3. If you use enough fabric and pin it enough, you can cheat and machine stitch the cartridge pleats on your skirt. Shh, don't tell! I hate hand-stitching.

I've got the sleeve pattern down for the most part and found some more velvet to match. The snot was too much last night, however, so there's still no sleeves on it. But I've been using an old sheet for my pattern fabric and the vertical stripes have been quite handy for getting straight lines and measuring. Thank you, Ralph Lauren!

Other than that, you may have noticed the site has a new and classy look. I must give props to JamieStar for the inspiration. It's boxy, but good. She's the most awesome person I've never met.

I'm all proud of myself for using all these new diaryland features, like the latest 5 entries and the previous and next links. I'll add more features soon I'm sure as this project sucks up my spare time, but so far, the guestbook and new layout are the greatest things to sweep this page. I was a late bloomer to the guestbook, I admit, but am coming out full tilt into the magic of Diaryland. Don't forget to tell me what you think.