DLand - ACHOO!

If Thursday was Holy Thursday and Friday was Good Friday, then yesterday must have been Sucky Saturday. It was the day when nothing would go right. Jeremy gave himself a "paper cut" at the forge with a piece of red hot steel. I sewed 48 lacing loops on my Italian only to have them misshape and fly across the room when I attempted to lace myself into the dress. And MikenRae's car broke down on them again. Oh, and I think I got another cold (my throat was sore all last night). I was ready to punt on the entire day by 5 that afternoon. But today has shaped up to be a lot better. I called Gen and she imparted her wisdom on soldering the brass rings before lacing them on. We won't go into how my sweet husband suggested this last night and I told him that was a really stupid idea that would never work. Needless to say, I was a real grump about the whole thing, and he still soldered 50-some rings for me this morning so I could finish the dress. I laced myself in successfully an hour ago and all is well. Sweetpea rocks! Gen rocks! The dress rocks! The dress still needs sleeves but I'm sure you'll get an update on that this upcoming week.

We spent most of the afternoon at Mungoe and Siobhan's digs for the "A&S day". It was mostly a bunch of people hanging around and more screaming kids than I would have preferred. But I finished my lacings and met some more people around here. My favorite new person to meet was probably the lady who's a computer tech support goddess on a destroyer for the Navy. She's pretty awesome. I'm hoping we didn't scare her and her hubbie off and we see more of them. I would describe more about who there I was fond of and who I wasn't but don't want to risk them reading it. That and the jury's still out on quite a few of them. Bug me for all the caustic details in person. Oh, my other fav there was Opie. He's one of the 84,000 Mikes that this generation produced and his SCA name is something like Opi-skrtrsdngesr der Sumthinerother, which became Opie. He rocks as well (agreeing to be called Opie is the first thing in his favor). I watched him fence today and he had a really awesome attitude about the whole thing. I wouldn't mind goofing around with him in some fencing armor. So, I'm a card-carrying member of the Opie Fan Club. I'll be sure to introduce you to him if we're ever in the same vicinity.

Brian and I are about half-way through an overcoat thing for him. It's like an early period knee length bathrobe that's made of black and gold lozengy fabric. It's so atrocious, it should kick ass. And I totally screwed up my hat through my bleary eyes and snot that I decided sewing could wait til tomorrow. The Muse had gone home for the evening and it was time to put down the needle.

The snot and sneezing I'm hoping is a cold. You say, Genie, what maniac would hope for a cold. But my only other explanation is allergies and I refuse to accept that I might be allergic to anything. I have never suffered from allergies before in my life and I don't plan on taking it up now. Trees are having sex all over town (and my car and the cat's fur and EVERYWHERE) but there hasn't been a sniffle out of me til today. Now I've got this scratchy throat thing going on and running nose and sneezing. And it has to be from the "cold" that I have. Definitely not the pollen. Nope, I could drink pollen ginseng tea in the mornings because I'm so not affected by pollen. Remember, I'm not allergic to anything!

*sniff* *sniff* ACHOO!

Ugh, I'm carrying my sneezy butt to bed.