DLand - Dern Tootin' Swell Friday

Good Friday. Dang if it didn't turn out to be pretty good. I got out of work early, deposited my paycheck (yippee!), and we all headed off to Jeremy's parents' house for Good Friday dinner. Brian is in town so he came along too. He may as well be our family. Dinner was an Emeril recipe (BAM!) for paella/jambalaya that had more shellfish and bi-valves in it than I've eaten in a long time. You would think I would get more seafood since I can see the ocean, but alas, it doesn't happen that often. The spice was intense but good. Friday was Alyssa's 17th birthday. She's my favoritest sister-in-law and she rocks! She's sporting a pixie do (wispy short hair) these days that looks good on her and will come in handy once the humidity and heat sets in around here. The Newman's and the Stilley joined our festivities. Overall a pretty good evening. Props to Mary for concocting such a delectible meal.

I admit, I have a lot of issues with the Drunk. Sometimes I think I shouldn't diss my drunk-in-law since nobody else does and they have to live with him every day. Maybe that's why they don't tell him to go to hell. You'd feel better for about 10 minutes and then have to look at him the next morning over coffee. Other times I feel like standing up and saying "Hullo?! Doesn't this belligerant drunk person bother the shit out of anybody else here? What's wrong with you people?". *sigh* The Drunk is a big test of my understanding. When the Drunk is the Sober Guy, he's the bomb. I enjoy spending time with him then but that only lasts for about an hour or two. It's just such a foreign concept to me. Maybe I'm too rigid, but there are just some things that totally blow my mind and my first instinct is to come up swinging. But enough of that...

Mary gave me another book to read. This one looks promising. It had good cover art and didn't look too intense for my pudding brain. I have been a book bum lately and I believe even temporarily misplaced the book that I was supposed to be reading right now. Whoops. I'm a dork.