DLand - So I thought you said you were married?

Some of you may be wondering what my darling husband is doing during all of these adventures. Well, today is the update on Sweetpea day. Avid readers will have noted that Sweetpea is finally employed. He works at a public library literally across the street from our neighborhood. The place is basically a homework center so is only open Sun-Thurs from 2-7pm. He works almost all of those hours. He is one affable young white male working with a gaggle of old black women. So far, he's fixed the printers, reprogrammed the thermostat and reorganized the office area. They don't have much of a job description for him now, being that his job was created out of thin air. But he works the reference desk and has been getting a feel for the overall concept of working in a library. So far, it's pretty cool. This job will hopefully turn into full time employment soon. Fingers are crossed.

My Sugar Lump also has been occupying his time at the local mechanic shop that replaced his Jeep engine. He does work there in exchange for knowledge and cheap labor costs on our cars. And it fills up his mornings. Apparently this morning was a rack and pinion job. Overall that's a pretty sweet deal as well. The fellas there are really nice and it's always good to be buddies with a mechanic. The only down side is that they keep trying to convince us to replace parts on the Jeep with performance equivalents. I don't need a new transfer case or a Chevy small-block. The 258 straight 6 has been fine for Jeeps for many years. But I digress.

And when he's not off doing those things, he's at the forge. He's gotten really quite good a smithing since our move here. He came home with two portable holes earlier this week (stakes you put in the ground to support banner poles etc.) and it was the first time he'd tried making them. I was impressed. He's supposed to go to a Spring Fling festival later this month (the same weekend as Night on the Pizzaria SCA event) which basically is like a Pennsic for blacksmiths. He's going with some other folks from the Blacksmith Guild and they are going to goob out for the weekend. He should learn alot and perhaps find some good loot.

Weather has gotten better so he and my brother will most likely be fishing again very soon. In fact they may go on Friday morning. My oldest bro is a fishing fanatic so Jeremy has a fishing buddy. Honestly, he's is not very good, but I can't criticize because I've never caught a fish in my life and I can't imagine how it could be easy or fun. But I'm a stick in the proverbial mud when it comes to fishing. Perhaps the practice with big bro will get him better.

So that's my dumpling's Curriculum Vitae of late. If you want more info, tell him to get off his ass and make his own diary. :)