DLand - Your speed is ...

I've been very "police aware" these past few days. Mostly because I keep forgetting my driver's license in my jeans when I leave for work. I put it there so I can drive around all these trucks and stuff while my parents continue to unload the yard (found a Mr. Potato Head's nose the other day. It's very exotic-looking without the rest of Mr. Head to clue you in to its identity). But every morning I put on clean clothes and go to work and then realize that my license is in my grubby pants at the foot of the bed. So yesterday I passed two policemen on the interstate and a sheriff in the mile from the exit to my house. I looked very law-abiding so they did not stop me to ask where my license was but you never know. There are policemen catching speeders on all these streets that I didn't think policemen would even bother to lurk on.

I drive on Lord Dunmore Avenue almost every day to get to work. (which reminds me of another funny story about how embarrassing it is to give directions to my office because you go up Princess Anne and then turn right to go down on Lord Dunmore. Childish, yes, but you'll snicker the next time you're on Martin Luther King Hwy or the like. I guarantee it.) And Lord Dunmore is a "speed trap". It's a really nicely paved, much used shortcut that goes through a residential neighborhood. They have now put up a radar thingy to tell you how fast you're going on it. Build awareness or something. But the damn thing ALWAYS says "Your speed is 28 mph." I've been testing it. I slow WAAAAAY down to like 15.

Your speed is 28mph.

So the next day I gun it!

Your speed is 28mph.

The damn thing is gonna get me a wreckless driving ticket. Bah.