DLand - St. Patty's Day Prelude

In Southwest Virginia today. This was all for the 4th Anniversary of our Software Product. The whole office drove over to celebrate with the folks in the library. The stinky part was leaving at 5:30 am to get there in time. We made it okay, although it was VERY foggy. The gang there had brought in sandwich fixings and a HUGE cake made by Wanda, the best cake maker on the East Coast. We all chatted and munched and had a good time. It was good to go back and see my old co-workers. But it's true what Thomas Wolfe says; you can't go home again. It's always different. So we had lunch and Russ and I traded notebooks (which makes me a very nice person since I now have a very old notebook with only 1024 resolution and Russ now has a very kick ass notebook with 1400 display resolution). But I travel so little, that I don't really need a notebook. And I can get to anything I need with Terminal Services. I love Microsoft. Monopololistic business practices are my friend. All my software can talk to each other. But that's a totally other topic. :)

Then it was off to the Home Place for dinner. The fog was atrocious, but we made it there unscathed. The place was pretty empty for a Friday night, but the food is always good. I stuffed myself. It was nice to have all Atlas employees in one place at one time and not have it be a conference or some other stressful event. It's a shame we can't all live in the same area. Maybe one day.

The real bummer was that my headlight went out during dinner (don't ask me how that happens - I had two working headlights when I got there and only one when I left). But I followed Dan home and it was fine. One of my little projects today is to go play "helpless girl" at Advance Auto and have them put a new headlight in my car.

Dropped Shawn off at Kroger to meet his brother (which was a mild fiasco given his stressing out over spending the weekend with his bro) and then headed to Vlad's apartment. My spider sense told me that Nick had recently been here (the wet shower curtain and clean boy smell in the bathroom), but I had the apartment to myself. This would have been better had this not been the Bachelor Pad of Doom. Just let me say that moldy brocolli on the stove can totally sour the smell of an entire apartment. And thus I cleaned their entire kitchen in order to hunt down the dead thing smell and their guilt and shame will be payment enough. Nick never came home last night (I'm not his mother so whatever) so I'm still Home Alone. It's been kinda pleasant. I've got lunch plans with Vicki today and then might call Mike and Rae. I'm hoping the sky will hold out and stay a little sunny as opposed to icky and grey like it was for two days. We'll see how that goes.

But now for the good news! Jeremy called and he didn't get the job we were hoping he would get. I know that doesn't sound so great so far, but the guy said that they gave the job to the woman who had been working that job part-time for the past three years or so. Duh. He also said that they were so impressed with his application and interview that he's forwarding his info to his boss. Then an hour later or so another lady calls (the boss I think) and says that she wants to hire him part time until she can make a full time job at another library doing very similar things to the job he applied for. This job was at a public library attached to an elementary school and community center. It was a job well suited for my Jeremy of all Trades sweet pea. So things are looking up. Fortuna has smiled on us.

And as if that weren't enough good news for a rainy Friday, Jeremy calls again later and says that Cox called and we now have digital cable and CABLE MODEM at the house! Happy day! I have been so morose over our crappy phone modem. And it was insulting to live 10 miles from another city that had it covered. I thought I would never download pics at anything more than a crawl. But Fate has thrown us a internet access life preserver and we'll be zipping along in no time! Yippee! The diary entries will surely improve from this technological breakthrough chez Genie.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Birthday to My Beloved Software Product!