DLand - Back in the Saddle Again

Went to Kingdom A&S this weekend. I was well pleased with the day. We got there Friday night and stayed at Vlad's. Had dinner at the Cellar and a beer or two. It was supposedly to celebrate Chantal's birthday, but most of it was just spend eating dinner. I had these images of bar hopping and painting the town red, but actually just got sleepy eating my sandwich and wanted to go to bed. The party life is just not for me, it seems. Saturday was a day of nothing. It was good to see the Smiths and the Gen and the typical crowd of folks down in Black Diamond. The fashion show was pleasant and there were several A&S displays that could inspire me to become more involved in the SCA. I've been a hermit for a long time. But now, work is getting better and I think I might have a weekend or so free to do some fun stuff. So much of the SCA is so dorky. But I think that's true in any organized group - particularly one that has no member restrictions. But this weekend helped me see the stuff that I did like about the SCA and a minimal of stuff I had no use for. Watched the Heloise and Abelard play and that was excellent. I was only vaguely familiar with the story and it was an excellent rendition of it. A well spent hour. I wish I could remember the woman who performed it, because she was excellent. She's one of my favorite field heralds too, because she is the least grating and fairly witty.

The definite highlight of the day was seeing Bera and going to the Cellar again. It was an excellent evening. I only wish Gen could have been there too, but she had already gone out to dinner. You never realize how much you miss something until you see it again. I got to sit at a table with almost every significant friend I had in the burg (minus the aformentioned Gen) and it was fabulous. I don't think we all have had that good of a time in a while. And it was nice to hear that life is working out for well for everyone. There are the ups and downs, like everyone's lack of funds, but overall life is getting good for us all. That was very heartening for me. I've been the Mope Queen so far this calendar year and it was very wonderful to have some good vibes in me. We never did go to Jillian's to dance on Thursday and I never did go bar-hopping this weekend, but I don't feel like I missed much.

The only sucky part about coming home was the hour in which we left (8:45pm) for the 5 hours drive home and the icky car that I own. I HATE my car. If I had money to replace it I would just park this stupid car somewhere and leave it. And I know I shouldn't talk badly about it, because it will come to haunt me, but I can't help it. It's made for midgets. I'm not sure how anyone over 5'10" is supposed to use this car. The back seat is only suitable for car seats or coats and the trunk holds barely a trip to the grocery store. I want a new car sooooooo badly. The Saturn is very reliable and economical transportation and I do appreciate that, but GEEZ, I just can't sit still in this clown car. I have dreams about owning a car that the dogs will fit in so we could take them somewhere. Or even a car that four people could ride in. All I have to do is sell this one and find the car of my dreams. Ah, and to think I used to be fond of the car and think it would be nice to own a sporty coupe with a sunroof and leather. I shouldn't talk to poorly about it or no one will want to buy it from me.

Well, for such a full weekend, this is a short entry. But I look forward to happy days to come and good stuff to write about.