DLand - Reunited and if feels so good

Yesterday, I had a very busy day at work but I left just in time to head to the forge. Scott had come out to teach me how to make copper roses. It's pretty neato and I'm half way there. None of it has been put together yet, though, so looks like a kindergarten project with sharp metal for now. Jeremy finished some tent stakes. I'm not sure what possessed him to make 10 since I'm not sure I've heard of a tent that needs ten stakes but I'm sure someone at Gulf Wars will need or want them. Ross can sell anything. And perhaps they'll be like a teaser where the customer will be drooling for more tent stakes and commission a bushel of them. We'll see. Or we might have ten beautiful tent stakes.

After that it was off to Fazoli's for a tasty treat (or dinner at 9pm). It was REALLY cold last night being that we had snow! It doesn't snow here so of course the world had gone crazy. I had my lasagna which was basically an excuse for the meatballs I got on the side. And we left.

But that's when the trouble started, only I didn't know it yet. When I left for work this AM, I realized my HAT was back at Fazoli's! Woe as me! I ran back into the house, flew up the stairs and burst into the bathroom where my sweetpea was showering. He poked his soapy head out of the shower and I burst out, "HAT!"

He lookd at me, puzzled.

"HAT! My favorist hat in the world is at Fazoli's! Marooned! You have to save my hat! This morning!"

Nodding, he agreed.

I checked in at 10am to make sure he was on his way to get my hat. By 11 we were reunited. This hat and I have gone through a bit together and it's the sentimental knitted wonder that keeps my head toasty warm. Did I mention it was snowing yesterday? I could have caught cold without my HAT. The Bossman would have been happy to know that the hat was gone (he doesn't appreciate it's sleek wool stylings), but I was much relieved.

Sean took off for Maryland today. He's moving into his own place. We gave him as much crap from the house that he could spare. Living on a ship in the Navy for 5 years can really cut down on your accessories. He should make it, though. His last day in the Navy is on Monday and he starts the new job on Monday the 5th. The job is a 12 on and 12 off job and I can't imagine that being much fun, but he's unphased.

At his suggestion, we rented three movies that all started with an F and had Kevin Kline in them - A Fish Called Wanda, Fierce Creatures and French Kiss. We had to slum it and get them on VHS, but we're managing. Already watched Wanda and I think it's Fierce Creatures tonight.