DLand - A Day in the Life

Ugh, what a day. I knew it was coming, but after yesterday being a holiday, today all the tech support groupies came out of the woodwork today to ask about the weather and their software customizations. I'm a pretty friendly person, but all my nice muscles are sore now. I don't know how really professional marketing people or salespeople do their work all day.

Bossman says that any time you estimate how long it's going to take to do something, you should take that number, double it and then move to the next increment of time. So I thought that upgrading someone's server would take an hour. It's taking two days. It's uncanny how this little rule of thumb works.

But it's the end of the day and I look forward to eating the chinese food my sweet has saved for me and finishing my fabulous book, Tokyo Suckerpunch. A book review will surely come soon.

Too tired to type anymore, so I'll keep this short. Just a quote Dan sent me the other day...

"I read somewhere that 77 percent of all the mentally ill live in poverty. Actually, I'm more intrigued by the 23 percent who are apparently doing quite well for themselves."

-- Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)