Facebook Archive - June 2019

Jne 1 - Ian mispronounced Citgo as “KitGo” which led to a whole lesson on soft and hard vowels. We then used the signs we passed on the road as examples:
“It’s car center and not sar kenter.”
“Because A is a hard vowel and E is a soft vowel.”
“Yeah, and it’s gate not jate.”
“This is fun!”
#AlwaysLearning #115months

June 5 -I pulled Ian out of school for a few hours so we could support Shrop’s (and Freddy’s) open house. As we got in the car to leave he said, “That was cool. I’m gonna tell everyone at school I had to go talk robots with the mayor of Chesapeake.”

June 6 - Ian and I play a gamed called "Yellow Car" where you call them out when you see them. It's like "punch buggy" but less violent. There are some parameters like school buses count but not if there is a fleet parked at a school. Construction equipment counts but only if it's actually using public roads. Tractor trailers are double points if the cab and the trailer are both yellow.

Yesterday, we were driving home and I called out "YELLOW HELICOPTER!" which is probably like 1000 points and I'm the winner for the rest of the month.

June 13 - This kid. ❤️ He got a B in reading but he knows what respite means, so I’m not worried.

June 18 - Whoever said summer days are lazy can suck it. 

Instead of Ian getting himself to school, I have to drive him to camp, park, escort him inside, and sign him into camp. Then I get back to my car and drive to work. It adds 15-20 min to my morning commute.

On Tuesdays, I pick Ian up at 5:15pm (parking, walking in, signing him out, waiting for them to call for him over the walkie talkie), drive him home, put some sort of instant food in his face, then wait for him to dress for hockey (which takes 20-25 min). I feed the pets. Then we drive to the rink so he can be on the ice by 7pm for his first set of hockey games (full ice with a goalie and everything).

He gets off the ice at 8pm, utterly wiped. He has to change out of his soaked gear and he’s starving. We stop at a drive-thru on the way home. If we’re efficient, we’re home by 8:35pm. Then Ian has to unload all his gear and I start a load of laundry while he goes upstairs to shower the sweat off. 

He’s asleep by 9pm and I’m not far behind him. 

I feel like this little girl from the rink today is all our moods. She wanted so badly to be involved in the adult conversation (and maybe parlay a snack out of them) that she was clinging to the counter by sheer force of will.

June 28 - Couldn’t find my keys this AM then almost got to work before I realized my kid was still in the car. 🙄