Facebook Archive - May 2019

May 2 - Ian: “Mom! Someone took bird poop and drew a heart on this car!”

May 4 - Ian starts hockey initiation today. He is beyond excited.

May 5 - The dog makes a good iPad stand. She’s much more tolerant of the annoying videos Ian loves to watch than I am.

May 11 - I think they said the score was 24-25. All the equipment those kids are using (other than the girl’s roller skates) was gifted to them by Ian. We’re hockey people.

May 12 - My Mother’s Day was a little rough. Ian woke me up at 2am and 6am because he developed a cold and had a very sore throat. (Cough. Cry in pain. Cough. Cry.) 

He then argued that he desperately waaaaaanted to go home to play hockey outside (in the rain) with the kids (while coughing and sniffling and stumbling around). 

We had an important talk that as my child, his needs are more important than mine. For example, his need for warm liquids, settling, and medicine at 2 and 6am is more important than my need for sleep. 

However, as my child, his wants are lower than my wants. His want to go play at our house (even if he weren’t sick) is lower than my want to lounge on my boyfriend’s couch and have my kid rest near me or in the adjacent room. 

Ian had everything he needed (food, medicine, shelter, clean clothes, head petting). And he had a lot of the things he wanted (roller blades, iPad, big TV playing hockey, pizza). And he can want for this one thing all damn day and survive just fine. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all y’all out there putting others’ needs first. Here’s hoping you got some of your wants met today.

May 16 - I know some things look bleak right now, but my son did his homework and chores without being reminded (nagged) and requested Beyoncé’s Homecoming at top volume while he vacuumed.

May 24 - Ian’s friend has to be home by 7pm after school but he doesn’t have any time piece. He just asks me or Ian every five minutes what time it is. It’s not a great system. 

Wednesday he was a few minutes late getting home and got in trouble. So tonight, after we all went ice skating, I took the kids to Target to pick out watches. The Friend kept saying, “as long as it has an alarm ...” 

We also got Nutty Buddy cones cause it’s Friday.