Facebook Archive - April 2018

April 5 - Ian and I are talking about how he picks people to play Fortnite with online. He’s learning that age is not a good indication of if they will be kind or reasonable. One 11yo is great. Another is rude. And the 17yo is the worst. 

I told him he can play the game, but he needs to learn boundaries. If someone harasses him, he doesn’t need to take it. He can unfriend them and find another party. 

He asked me if he told the kid to stop and he stopped could he still play with him. I told Ian he needed to decide if that kid was a net win or loss. I wasn’t going to forbid him but he should not get picked on. 

He blocked the kid but let the others in the party stay. Most of his interactions have been great. Most people are awesome. We’re just learning how to navigate those who aren’t.

April 5 - Ian: “I miss Daddy.”
Me: “I do too. Sometimes I miss the life we had before cancer.”
Ian: “I don’t remember the life we had before cancer. I only remember Daddy moaning in the chair. And the videos and pictures make me sad because he’s gone.”
Me: “I’m so sorry, bub. I love you so much. We’re gonna make it.”

April 20 - Ian told me tonight that he gets lonely now that Daddy’s dead because he only has me versus two parents. Later, we talked about a kid whose parents divorced and the mom re-married. He indignantly said, “So he gets *two* dads?” as if that were downright excessive.