Facebook Archive - February 2018

February 14 - “I made a mistake on Gia’s card. It says ‘Never have I hurt you.’ And that’s not true because I have hurt her feelings sometimes.”

(shared with permission)

Also, Ian received a valentine from his best (male) friend Jemari. It said that “Ian is a good friend and he is smot (sic) and God blessed Ian to past (sic) a grade.”

February 23 - Ian, watching Blazing Saddles: “Why are they so mean to the black people?”
Me: “Because it’s 1871.”
Ian: “But slavery was over by then.”
Me: “Child. We’ve talked about this. Labor prisons? Unfair housing practices? The New Jim Crow?” 
Ian: “Oh, right! Man, people can be so stupid.”
Me: “Preach.”