Facebook Archive - November 2018

Nov 7 - Ian is walking the neighborhood with his Halloween candy trying to sell it, as if he has no idea about supply and demand.

Nov 10 - At Ian’s request, we went to see “The Hate U Give” today. It was so good! I didn’t even know the movie existed, but Ian had seen the trailer on YouTube and researched it. He literally begged to see a PG-13 drama about race relations. 

He’s been sort of a butthead lately but then he utterly impresses me.

Nov 11 - We got a book last night about all the battles that “changed history” so Ian is *taking notes* about Pearl Harbor while I cook lunch. Happy Veterans Day

Nov 17 - We went to Hobby Town, Barnes & Noble, Paper Source, and Dick’s Sporting Goods and my kid only picked out things for other people. #mombrag

Nov 26 - 9yo check-up Ian is 5’ 3/4” and 150 lb