Facebook Archive - October 2018

Oct 2 - No ice time today so he’s roller blading everywhere

Oct 5 - I was making up a song about tubby Tobias this morning and Ian got after me for fat shaming the cat, even if the cat can't understand English. So there's that.

Oct 6 - Ian has been in roller blades since noon. Plus ice skating this morning

Oct 11 - We’re doing our family photo session on Sunday with Kimberlin Gray Photography. Ian and I went to Kohl’s to pick out his outfit. We put a polo shirt on him and while he looked nice, he looked like a stranger. Same with jeans. We didn’t even try those on. 

My kid lives in t-shirts, hoodies, and track pants. He has pink hair. So we bought him the nicest Adidas hoodie, t-shirt, and Nike track pants in the entire store. He loves them. He will look nice. We’ll freshen up his pink hair (with over an inch of roots) on Saturday. 

He helped me pick out a sweater that matches his Adidas hoodie well and the softest shirt in the store. 

It will be a perfect snapshot of who he is at this age.

Oct 18 - My child is going through a phase where NOTHING is his fault. This morning he told me “I don’t care” and that roll of thunder you all heard was my verbal sword of motherly righteousness coming down on him in our kitchen.

Oct 21 - Ian gets an allowance based on his age. He's had certain chores to do (wipe down the dog door, dust, take out the trash) that are reasonable for an 8yo. 

When he turns 9 tomorrow, I have added a new weekly chore of cleaning his own toilet. The chore won't be gross if he isn't gross.

Oct 22 - Latest house rule: If I find the wrapper/trash from a food product lying around on side tables or the sofa, you now owe me the cost of that food product. Mom only pays for food that is properly disposed of. 

Hint: Those protein bars you love so much are $0.75 each.

Oct 27 - Ian just pronounced “paradigm” as “pear-RAH-deh-ghem” and I just died from the cute.