Facebook Archive - December 2017

Dec 3 - I showed Ian Google Docs and gave him access to the printer tonight. He may need to ask Santa for a toner cartridge.

Dec 9 - Not only are we on planes heading to a cruise ship, but it is SNOWING in Baltimore. Ian is over the moon.

Dec 21 - Me: “Your hair feels sticky. You should shower today. I bet it’s from sweating at basketball yesterday.”
Ian: “Or it could be pancake syrup from the cruise.”

Dec 21 - Ian asked me what "Hallelujah" means. 
My best translation was
"Rock On, God!"

Dec 24 - Ian and I watched Star Wars: the Last Jedi yesterday. It jacked my anxiety/panic response for some reason. 
Ian kept asking if I was ok and if we needed to leave. He is such a sweet empathic soul. 
(He did fine with the movie except it was loud for him at times.)

Dec 24 - Introducing Ian to
“Die Hard” tonight.