Facebook Archive - July 2017

6 July 2017 - Ian: "That's what Mommies are for. When you don't finish your food, Mommies are there to clean up the last bites. Especially you, Mommy."

11 July 2017 - Ian asked me this morning, "Mommy, what's your favorite thing about me that you like?" 

I told him that he's kind. He's strong. He's clever. He's funny. He's good at math. He's gotten much better at swimming this summer. 

"That's true. I am funny." We smiled to ourselves in the car reveling in his good qualities. And then he started singing along to the music playing, which is another thing I love about him.

I wonder how many people don't know what the best things about themselves are.

11 July 2017 - "Mommy, at the farm today, the baby goats and baby llamas were so soft! They also had alpacas."
"What's the difference in a llama and alpaca?"
"Alpacas have afros."

12 July 2017 - Ian lost his wallet yesterday at camp. If you are gonna lose your wallet, Norfolk Academy is the place to do it if you hope to get it back. 

Coach Peccie: "Now, Ian ... I hate to tell you I told you so. But remember all last week at soccer camp when I kept reminding you to not leave your wallet lying around? And now I'm doing that thing where I tell you I hate to tell you so but then I tell you so. And I know that's annoying."

Ian: "Like when someone says no offense and then says something offensive."

Coach: "Exactly! [they high five] Now let me stop lecturing you and help you."

16 July 2017 - I downloaded Portal for Ian's computer this morning. Rich had already purchased it and we have all our Steam accounts linked. Ian is *loving* the game so far. Every time he figures out a puzzle, he yells out, "Mommy, this is awesome!" I'm really pleased that he loves the game so much since it's a quality game and part of our little family subculture. 

"Mommy, I *am* good at this game! It must run in the family."