Facebook Archive - June 2017

2 June 2017 - Me: "You handle spicy food better than I do."
Ian: "The key is to not care."

4 June 2017 - Ian, wielding an extendable feather duster: "En garde! Cliché! Other French words!"

7 June 2017 - Ian and I are at Cinema Cafe waiting for "Captain Underpants" to start. #thisis40 #butt

11 June 2017 - Me: "Hey, Stink. How did you sleep?"
Ian: "...... I was trying to give you a thumbs up but it was in my mouth."

11 June 2017 - Ian asked me this morning why boys are faster than girls and skinny people are faster than fat people. That led to a great chat about muscle mass and cardio training and assumptions about body types.

13 June 2017 - Ian: "Did Donald Trump make a law that you can disrespect black people?"
Me: "Not explicitly, no. At least not yet."

Then we talked the difference in Republican and Democratic (which he accidentally called pomegranate and couldn't stop laughing) parties. 

So, yeah, we voted today.

17 June 2017 - We passed a Bradford pear tree whose blooms were all over the parking lot. 

Ian: "It looks like someone dropped their Dippin Dots everywhere!"

19 June 2017 - Ian was pretty nervous/unhappy about the idea of summer camp. He was convinced he would be bored, lonely, unhappy, and generally tortured by all of the differentness and Not Being Home With Mommy. 

We talked it over extensively. Shrop and I drove him this morning and I escorted him to the gym. As I left, he looked over his shoulder at me with the exact facial expression to break a parent's heart. 

Because he and I are sorta related, I worried about him throughout the day. I hoped everything would be ok. Shrop and I went back to get him and he was over the moon happy. 

"We made rocket cookies and we learned about the planets. We're gonna make space suits tomorrow! I got this wristband because I'm able to swim across the pool so I can use the diving board and the deep end. I gave one of my dollars for snacks to another kid because he didn't bring money and he was super kind. For lunch, I had a cheeseburger, onion rings, salad, broccoli, a tiny cookie, and milk. And a side of best friends!"

Thank you, Norfolk Academy Summer Camp!