Facebook Archive - April 2017

1 April 2017 - Ian, busting into the house: "Mooommmy! Guess what I haaaave! Close your eyes! It came out of Ben and Jack's trash can but it was still clean so their dad said I could have it. There actually were two but I gave one of them to Alex. I'm soooo excited!!!"

3 April 2017 - Ian cried after school at my folks because he missed me so badly. Then he cried before dinner telling me about how much he had missed me. And then he cried as I was making dinner because he was scared when he went to bed tonight he might fall out of bed and knock the nightstand over on himself and get his head stuck in it. 

But we got through it and we read books together and he's asleep in his bed with the dog. And his head isn't stuck yet. 

4 April 2017 - Ian and I had a great day. I worked from home this afternoon so I'd be here when he rode his bike to the house. He chilled with me in the office while I finished up some things. When I told him it was gorgeous outside he asked if we could go on a bike ride and we took a 30 minute winding loop all over the neighborhood. We keep trolling Ramsey Road looking for one of his classmates. I'm not sure his classmate knows her street number but I should have him ask. It would be much more efficient. 

We had dinner at Pizza Chef, which included a free kids entree and half price appetizer. Then we went to get Ian his own library card at our local Ocean View branch (Pretlow). 

He was so stoked! He greeted the security guard, he filled out his own application (legibly!), he helped a little boy with a frustrating toy, he found the kids area and made a new friend while I went to an SCA meeting. He drew me a picture, we picked out three chapter books to work on, he thanked the children's librarian for everything and the Circ desk lib tech for saving his books for him. He was super polite to the circ staff downstairs and navigated the self checkout himself (minus the one book missing a sensor).

We rode home triumphant, curled up in bed, and read chapter one of his library book. We'll have to repeat the last two pages because he started snoring. 

I'm in bed with kitties as is my way after 9pm. Today was a good day

5 April 2017 - Ian is going on a field trip to see "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the ballet today. The note from school said that children should wear theatre appropriate clothes. Ian and I decided he should go in his shark slip on Vans, an Empire cog t-shirt and his nicest pair of track pants. 

"I mean, I don't even *like* or *own* any button shirts, Mommy! It seems silly to spend like $50 on clothes I hate for a few hours. I'm sure they will understand."

13 April 2017 - Ian keeps calling scallops "scalpels" and I love it. 
"We need to get the scalpels on the grill, Ed!"

15 April 2017 - Ian and I kayaked for a solid 90 minutes at Tarpon Springs. He was so strong and managed the kayak like a pro. We could have stayed out there much longer but thought Ed and MB might think we had drowned. 

Ian even fell overboard once and only got about 10% panicked for a minute before he pulled himself back in. I'm so proud of him.

23 April 2017 - Ian: "I'm glad you're finally committed to changing your behavior, Mommy."

28 April 2017 - I told Ian we were going to help Brigit collect rocks tomorrow. He had forgotten which person Brigit was and I was trying to describe her. 
Me: "She has long hair. And she paints things."
Ian: "Is she playful?"
Me (cackling with laughter): "Yes! She is *definitely* playful!"
Ian: "Ok. I'm in."