Facebook Archive - March 2017

March 5 - In addition to the horrible croup-y cough, Ian now has a fever of 103. I'm glad I got him a bigger bed so I can fit me, him, a cat, and a bucket in it.

March 11 - Ian made a fort. The back corner is actually Charlie Bear's house. It has a floor of blankets. And he's working on his list for our Minecraft world while watching cartoons.

March 12 - It's possible I may regret Ian lying down with me for this afternoon nap when bedtime rolls around on a school night immediately after the time change. But right now, we're just fine.

March 13 - I reinstalled Rich's computer from scratch and have been using it to play Minecraft with Ian on the network.
Ian: "Can I have half of your cobblestone?"
Me: "Dude, I left it all in the materials chest before I logged out."
Ian: "No! Your cobblestone pastry from Panera."
Me: "Oh. Yes, yes you can."

March 19 - Ian and I went for sushi this afternoon and he was lovely to the waitress. We ordered a Godzilla roll and she actually exclaimed "Goh-zee-rah! Rawr!"

March 20 - You know it's bad when your kid says "YAY!" at the news he can go to the doctor today. Poor guy has had a horrible cough for over two weeks that just won't go away despite all my best attempts to ignore it. Too much time in the mines, I assume.

March 20 - Me just now: "We do not take office supplies to the creek."