Facebook Archive - January 2017

Jan 2 - I am committed to letting Ian do what he wants with his hair and grow it out. But man I wish it would get long enough to stay behind his ears and out of his face. There's a cute kid under that mop.

Jan 4 - Me: 'Ok, bud, let's go. Are you gonna bring your hoodie?
Ian: 'I'm already pretty sweaty from my bike ride and skateboarding so I'm just gonna be my own coat. A human coat.'

Jan 13 - I'm equally proud that he can text me and annoyed he can't find his own damn shoes. #86months #iputthembacklasttimeiusedthem

Jan 20 - Ian: 'After Daddy dies are there going to be big changes in the house?'
Me (thinking he means furniture or something): 'No. Not unless you want to.'
Ian: 'Like Daddy doesn't like it if I say 'crap' but you don't care. So after Daddy dies I could say it.'
Me: 'Well, yeah I suppose.'
Ian: 'But I'll still know he doesn't like it in here [points to his heart]. Daddy and his rules will still be in here.'

Jan 30 - "Mommy, I'm sorry I can't fall asleep I just keep thinking about Daddy and about Ms. Kitterson and how cute she is and about Minecraft and what I'm going to build next and that's a lot of stuff in my brain."