Facebook Archive - January 2016

Jan 1 - Ian: "Daddy, in hockey have you ever gotten a penalty and had to sit in the penalty box?"
Rich: "Well, yes, I've gotten penalties but since I'm the goalie someone else sits in the box for me."
Ian: "What kinds of things got you a penalty?"
Rich: "Usually hitting people."
Ian: "Why did you hit them?"
Rich: "Because they deserved it."
Ian: "Oh, because they were being assholes?"

Jan 1 - The budding reader and rules lawyer aspects of my son have overlapped. 
Ian: "Mommy, how do you spell Christmas?"
Me: "C-h-r .."
Ian: "Woah woah WOAH! Mommy. C-h is a cha sound so that would be Cha-riss-mas. Try again."

Jan 2 - Ian: "Mommy, how do you say my name in Spanish?"
Me: "It's the same. Ian."
Ian (LOUDER and sloooower): 
"No.   Mommy.   In *Spanish*"

Is it time for them to go back to school yet?

Jan 4 - For those of you who say boys are easier, I present my son sobbing inconsolably because he can't decide between a taco or burrito for dinner. Even telling him he could have both did not solve the issue of his indecision. #itsnotaboutthenail #74months #sensitivesoul #notforwusses

Jan 8 - Ian: "Mommy, do you like my nails? Jazzy painted them for me."
Me: "Yeah, they look handsome."
Ian: "Pretty, Mommy. Nail polish is pretty."

Even as he was falling asleep he kept fanning his fingers out afraid they would smudge.

Jan 14 - If my son had a coat of arms, the main charge would be a pair of track pants, inverted, with undies still attached. 
#laundryday #74months

Jan 26 - Ian (age 6): 'I'm mostly into texting versus calling.'
Preach, my little man. Preach.