Facebook Archive - May 2016

May 3 - Ian and I were waking up this morning in bed. 

Me: "Good morning, Bud. Do you have any thoughts on what you want for breakfast?"
Ian: "Mommy, *Ms. Shannon* is supposed to get my breakfast for me."
Me: "Well, ok then. Just remember to eat something healthy."
Ian: "I know. The doughnut yesterday was a special thing because Mamaw got it for me. I'll eat eggs or something today."
Me: "Good deal. I'll just stay here under the covers. You seem to have things under control."

He also said I looked like a mermaid this morning and wanted to take my picture. When he finished taking it, he handed me my phone back and said, "Here, post that to Facebook."

May 6 - Ian and I are having desert outside the laundry room while we feed a stray cat. Because I need stray cat stewardship added to this week. But she's super sweet.