Facebook Archive - April 2016

April 5 - Ian: "What's the most important thing in the world?"
Me: "Breakfast."
Ian: "No, Mommy, friends and family!"
Me: "Family, right. I thought you meant of the things you eat."

April 16 - I was concerned the Jungle Book would be too scary for my sensitive boy. He sat in my lap in the theatre until Baloo the bear showed up.
"I think you can get in your seat now, stink. This part is funnier."
"Yeah, you jumped too much when I was in your lap, Mommy."

April 16 - Ian used voice-to-text to search for videos on doing (skate) tricks while cruising and ended up getting a woman's "tip and tricks" for Disney cruises. And he's so tired he just decided to stay there. He's learning how to decorate his room door with custom magnets. ﷯

April 21 - This morning Ian asked for a spinach omelette and toast. Then he asked if that had gluten in it. I told him the omelette didn’t but the toast did. 

“Jenna says I have to wash my hands as soon as I show up because I have gluten on me.” 
“Well, yeah, you probably do and Gia is really sensitive to it right now until she feels better so we have to be careful.” 
“I don’t have gluten on me!”
“Yes you do. You touched the toast.”
"Yeah, but I only touched the EDGE.”

April 29 - I walked out of Jenna's to look for my kid and found this [Ian's shoes in a puddle by the curb]. No clue where he was. I tended to Rich and heard rustling upstairs in the house. I discovered Ian and Feenie soaked to the bone and shivering. Ian was hunting for dry clothes for Feenie and lamented, "Mom! We don't have anything girlie!"

April 30 - I just went by Ian's room and discovered two different right shoes that are not his. This street is full of wildlings.