Facebook Archive - March 2016

March 9 - “Stop whining. Take your pants off. Finish you dinner.”
- what just came out of my mouth to the 6yo

March 10 -We just left the roller rink which was about 90% black skaters. As we drove home, Ian started asking about how things were "back in Martin Luther King's day." 

"Mommy! I wouldn't have been able to take Gia or Feenie skating! Or use the same water fountains just because of our skin."

"You also wouldn't be able to marry Feens like you guys talk about. Anton and Jenna couldn't have gotten married either."

"Ok, now you're talking crazy. And not just normal crazy but super crazy!"

March 15 - Ian and I have started reading the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (which is a beautiful book and I highly recommend it). It's slow going because he gets sleepy quickly these days in the evening (growth spurt!) despite the time change. 

Me: "Hey, do you want to read any more Harry Potter tonight? I know you're tired."
Ian: "Hmm ... Not tonight, thank you."
Me: "That's cool."
Ian: "I *promise* we'll read more tomorrow night, Mommy. I'm just not up for it tonight."

Cue "Cat's in the Cradle" music ...

March 20 - Ian went to put the dogs out back and returned from the kitchen.

"Mommy. You said the cinnamon buns would be done soon but it says there are THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY minutes left!"