Facebook Archive - February 2016

Feb 1 - Me: "Why is everyone so fussy?"
Ian (arms crossed, yelling): "Gia is being a jerk!"
Me: "You sound a little jerky, yourself."
Gia: "He's the jerk! He pushed me!"
Ian: "Yeah?! Well Gia was the first jerk!"
Me: "That's. No. That's not a thing."

Feb 15 - Jenna was showing Evie how to breastfeed her baby doll and get a good latch. 
Ian: "She's teaching Evie all about nursing so one day she can be annoyed when *her* baby wants to nurse all the time."

Feb 23 - Me to Ian: "Good morning, stink bug. What do you think you want for breakfast?"
Ian: "zzzzzzzz"
Me: "Do you want ... Worms? Or lobster? Or kibble? Or filet of Kitterson?"
Ian: "Wait, go back. I want what was before filet of Kitterson."

No I'm not feeding my six year old dog food. We decided on a spinach and mushroom omelet.