Facebook Archive - November 2016

Nov 16 - Ian came in last night from playing outside in the dark.
Me: "I'd like you to wash the black tar off your hands, please. And is this blood? I don't see a wound but there's a giant smear on your arm. You been fighting off bears in the driveway? Dude, it's all over your shirt too."
Ian: "I think it's Jack's blood." (licks his arm) "Yeah, that's Jack's blood. He fell off the truck."
Me: "Well, I didn't hear any wailing. Go wash Jack's blood off of you and get a clean shirt. Then we can eat dinner."

Nov 20 - If I was president ... "I would live in the White House where the president works. It will be hard work. I would help the community. I would make sure everyone is safe. I would go to the Navy the Army and the military. I would go to the Oval Office. I would change the schools to be nicer. I would change meetings. I would change the world to make it a better place."