Facebook Archive - October 2016

Oct 21- Ian just discovered how to throw up the horns. He then said, "Llama llama kisses mama." and pecked my cheek with his fingers. He was kind of an asshole yesterday but today is a new day.

Oct 31 - Halloween notes:
I made my customary chili and cornbread this year in the pressure cooker and it turned out great. Not bad for winging the recipe.
The kids all looked great. It was funny to see them balk at a few spooky houses while the 2 year old was all, "I had enough of your nonsense, there is *candy* up there!" and strode into the darkness.
I like interacting with our neighbors. Both houses with Trump signs in the yard were super nice, though the second one had a mom walking away saying "I ain't talking politics or we'll be here all night!"
Ian's teacher assigned homework for tonight which I call bullshit. I am not going to make him do it.
I worry about my kid growing up to be a decent human being but he made me proud tonight. He was digging through his bag of candy to give gluten free things to Gia and when we got home he wanted to give some of his candy to his cousin Harrison because he's younger and had only been to about 10 houses.
Ian passed out a little before 9 and honestly I'm ready to fall over myself. Halloween can be a socially taxing day but I'm always glad I show up for it.