Facebook Archive - December 2015

Dec 7 - I'm singing Christmas carols to Ian at bedtime. I could remember all the Latin and German lyrics for Psalite but had to cheat and look up the other verses for Silent Night on my phone.

Dec 26 - I'm going to make my fortune designing a Bane like mask for little boys that reduces their volume by half. 
#youareyelling #controlyourvolume #stillyelling #dearlordchild

Dec 31 - Ian: 'Mommy, I'm hungry.'
Me: 'Do you want some turkey? That's what I'm having.'
Ian: 'Maybe ... Let me see it ...'
Me: (shows him gallon ziplock of leftovers from Christmas dinner)
Ian: 'Oh, no, I don't want that. I want Kitterson's turkey!'

And that's why I bought a pound of Hillshire Farm thinly sliced oven roasted turkey at BJ's today. For Ian and Kitterson.