Facebook Archive - April 2015

April 12 - 'Mommy, dirt's black! When it's brown, it's called soil.' #preschoolscience #duhmom

April 12 - Ian (age 5) is 49.5' tall and 76 lb.

April 13 - This seaweed salad from Costco is so expensive it may as well be shredded cash, but it's something green the 5yo will devour.

April 19 - Why does our son know all the lyrics to Fall Out Boy's 'Centuries'? People talk about parents nurturing their kids and steering them in the right direction, but we can't be with them every minute. Someone out there is teaching our kid this stuff. It takes a village, people, and the village needs to up its music game.

April 22- The great thing about letting the five year old dress himself is he's already prepped for Wacky Wednesday even though we forgot.