Facebook Archive - March 2015

March 1 - We were packing up at the hotel to head home from Ymir. 
Ian: 'Are we going home to the kitties? They should have hotels with kitties in them so you can still have a kitty when you go to an event. One for each person in the room would be good.'

March 4 - Ian: 'Mommy, do aliens exist?'
Me: 'Probably, we just haven't seen them yet.'
Ian: 'What about astronauts? Or do they just go up in space, land on the moon, stick a flag on it and say, 'This is our moon!' and then fly home?'
Me: 'Pretty much.'
Ian: 'BOR-ING!'

March 5 - Ian (watching Barbie): 'Mommy, my favorite color is pink and purple. And blue. And yellow. I like red and blue and green ... and black! That's my favorite color.'

March 5 - 

Ian (throwing his arms wide): 'I love pink and purple this much. But I love you all the way to VENUS, Mommy.' This makes up for whining about his t-shirt this morning. 

March 12 - Ian took forever to fall asleep last night, came back into our bed sometime around 1am, slept sideways with his razor sharp toe nails in my side, and sat up at 4am to declare, 'Mommy, I've changed my mind. I DO like bacon!'  Kids are weird.

March 14 - Ian: 'Who were the first teacher and student in the world? Or the first tree. Or the first boat. Ooh, or what was the first building in the whole world?'

Us: 'Those are hard questions. Nobody knows.'

Ian: 'Even your *phone* doesn't know? I'm asking questions nobody knows the answer to? Even scientists?!'

March 14 - Ian is nonplussed by Rage Against the Machine but giddy that we allow him to sing 'Shut Up and Dance With Me' when it comes on the radio.

March 19 - Ian (age 5 1/2) put himself to sleep last night in his own bed at 8pm. He also stayed in that bed all night until 6:15am this morning. He came over to our bed once I was already out of shower and dressed, carrying his iPad and asked for a few minutes of snuggles while Daddy showered. 

'I didn't get any snuggles last night because I slept all by myself, so I have to get my snuggles in this morning.' 

We have co-slept, bed shared, and room shared since he was born. That's 66 months. I have always said I figured he wouldn't still be in our bed all night until he left for college. Some of the nights in the last 66 months have been very long but overall the time has been short. I'm grateful that he has chosen to sleep solo on his own terms. I'm also grateful to have more room in our bed most nights. ﷯