Facebook Archive - February 2015

Feb 8 - I was going to offer up a five-year-old free to a good home to the first person to meet me at Mt. Trashmore Park, but I'm already calming down. He only has one shoe anyways, so that would have limited potential buyers. #loveispatient #notforwusses

Feb 11 - Ian begged to use the men's locker room by himself. After waiting forever for him I discovered he'd been in there with the old men watching TV and 'waiting for his hair to dry.'

Feb 12 - As soon as the alarm went off, Ian started dramatically complaining that he hurt. 

'My waist hurts! I think I broke a bone!'
'That's your hip. And I doubt you broke your hip in your sleep. It would hurt much worse.'
'I did! It does hurt! Worse than any boo boo ever! So that's why I must have broke a bone.'
'Can you move it?'
'No.' (As he flops around, spinning in the bed like a rotisserie.)
'How about some snuggles and five more minutes in the bed?'
'That might help.'

Feb 17 - We couldn't make a snowman because of the ice on top, so I gave Ian a baseball bat to wail on the ground. Surprisingly fun for him and equally tiring.

Feb 24 - About 10 minutes before Ian's bedtime, I got a wild hair to stick some chocolate chip cookies in the oven. About 2 minutes later, Ian wandered into the kitchen for something. He walked out of the kitchen and declared, 'Something smells like COOKIES in there! Maybe brownies ...' 

I played dumb because I wasn't interested in delaying bedtime any more for cookies. 

We went upstairs and had stories and songs before bed. I saw that school would be closed for the snow and I told Ian I was looking forward to playing in the snow with him tomorrow.

As he rolled away from me to fall asleep he muttered, 'I'm looking forward to cookies ...'

Feb 25 - If you have a pre-schooler in your house, you must own 'The Book With No Pictures' by B.J. Novak. Santa brought it and while Ian was unimpressed when he opened it, it was a big hit tonight. The word 'butt' in 200 point font is comedy gold with the five-year-old crowd.

Feb 27 - Ian was using his blankie as a sunscreen so he could see his Star Wars game in the car. Now he just looks like a 'Madonna and iPhone' painting.