Facebook Archive - January 2015

Jan 5 - Ian says he wants to be a policeman when he grows up. His friend at school wants to be a policeman/dentist/fire fighter. 

Ian is now asking a million questions about policemen. If you have to buy your own gun at the store or if they give you one. If you have to cock the gun and how. If you get to fly a helicopter and if said copter shoots pizzas like his ninja turtle Lego set does.

Jan 17 - Ian: 'Mommy, can I have ice cream?'
Me: 'Why do you want ice cream?'
Ian: 'Because I ate almost all of my dinner ... And I feel like I deserve it.'

Jan 20 - We were changing at the pool and when I pulled up my swimsuit bottoms (that still showed my CGM sensor), Ian said, 'Mommy, you're diabetes is showing!'

Jan 21 - Ian was squeezing his stomach at the dinner table.
 'What are you doing, Dude?'
'Trying to push all the food to the back so I have room for dessert.'

Jan 21 - 'Mommy, we forgot to take off my underwear this morning so I've been wearing two pairs all day.'
'We? You got dressed by yourself this morning.'
'Yeah, but you should have helped me. Mornings are just so complicated for me.'