Facebook Archive - December 2014

Dec 2 - Ian unwrapped 'The Night Before Christmas' tonight as his advent bedtime book. He was dubious about it, concerned it was too long. I was trying to explain how it was a classic story but he doesn't understand that word, so I was telling him how everyone likes it and he might too. 

'Even Travis?!' 

I hope you like that story, dude, cause I told him it was one of your faves.

Dec 3 - Ian's bedtime advent book tonight was a Disney version of 'A Christmas Carol'. When the ghost of Jacob Marley (played by Goofy) showed up, Ian said, 'This is spooky stuff. Are you sure this is a Christmas book?'

Dec 4 - We read 'the Snow Queen' last night and this was Ian's reaction to the demon that broke the mirror [ hiding under his blanket]. That's also my general pose for anything scary so I can't blame him.

Dec 5 - 'What's a spirit?'
'A soul.'
'What's a soul?'
'It's like your feelings.'
'What's a feeling?'
'Like happy, sad, or mad.'
'Oh. ... Was God ever a teenager?'

Dec 21 - Two clever things from Ian today: We were kicking the soccer ball around the front yard and he accidentally knocked it into the bushes. 'Oops. I guess we're playing hide and soccer now.'

On the way to see Santa, Ian asked if Daddy had Christmas and Easter in the army. Rich said yes and Ian asked, 'Did they load all the Easter eggs into the cannon on your tank and then shoot them out for everybody to go find?' 

No, but they totally should have ...

Dec 21 - Ian has been on a French toast kick lately. So if you're looking for a last minute Christmas gift for us, we need eggs and bread.

Dec 22 - I can't wait to tell my five year old, who still asks when he'll be able to have mama milk again, that the witch doctor just gave me chewable tablets of (cow) colostrum. #BF4life

Dec 25 - 11:30pm and the only people still awake in the house are me and the five-year-old. #nightowls

Dec 28 - Ian wanted me to paint his nails since I was doing mine. We skipped his right thumb since that's the one he sucks.