Facebook Archive - August 2014

Aug 3 - Why yes, I took our son to the beach at 7:30pm so he could dig holes. It was that or a dart gun at bed time. Gotta work those 'yayas' out.

Aug 4 - I would post a photo of my trip to the beach with a 4 year old and 19 month old but I was too scared to use the phone after getting it wet retrieving the baby from under water. 

Amazingly, the phone still works and no one drowned. I call it a success. 

Ian kept asking if we could play super heroes like yesterday but I told him I was  busy keeping his cousin alive. Baby Harrison was intent on chasing down any bubbles he created or could find in the water, much like that one fish in the dentist office in Finding Nemo. I think his voice may be hoarse tomorrow from screaming 'BUBBLES!' for an hour.

Aug 10 - Me: 'Ok, stink, we just need to get milk so this should be fast.'
Ian: 'Can't I just stay in the car and play Temple Run while you go inside?'
Me: 'As much as we would both love that, someone will complain and we'll get in trouble.'
Ian: 'They'll see you inside and say, 'Hey she looks like a mom but where's her kid?' and then you'll get in trouble?'
Me: 'Yes, something like that.'

Aug 10 - Ian has three weeks of camp at the Jewish Community Center before going back to preschool at Kempsville Presbyterian Church. Back to wearing shoes all day, packing peanut-free kosher lunches, and sticker sheets for his performance. 
I don't know about him, but I miss Free Range Kids already.

Aug 11 - On our way to skating lessons, Ian asks: 'So, what are your thoughts about dinner?'
Me: 'I don't know. What are *your* thoughts about dinner?'
Ian: 'I was thinking ... We could get sushi after dinner. That could be tasty.'
Hard to deny that.

Aug 11 - One downside of JCC's camp is there is no nap time. That means after 8+ hours of non-stop activities, including swimming, Ian was falling asleep on his feet at 5pm. That also means he's now going to sleep before dark. 

It sucks because we hardly get to see him while he's awake. Then again, after the day we've all had I may just go to bed with him.

Aug 12 - Ian: 'Now that baby that was with my friend Ryan won't ever smile again.'
Me: 'Why not?'
Ian: 'Because you made me leave the pool and I'm not there with my goggles on and that baby loves me and my goggles!'

Someone might be interested in a follow up play date with Dustin Stokes and Kira Stokes.

Aug 16 - We set our first butterfly free. Ian named her Olivia.

Aug 16 - Rich helped Ian make a character on World of Warcraft. He can't read but that doesn't slow him down. He just sends messages to other players that say, 'thgjfkthfjdjtjffhf.'

Aug 19 - Ian from the back seat: 'Mommy, I'm not tired. I'm just resting my eyes. Just so you know.'

Aug 21 - Talked with Ian tonight about how not everyone is super smart, not even adults. I told him that it can be frustrating as a super smart kid to deal with not very smart adults but it's good practice. 

We also talked about how being frustrated at a situation is different than being frustrated at a person. And I  agreed that no one should have to lie in the dark alone unless they want to. 

Being four is tough. Also, you're welcome future Ian spouse.

Aug 24 - Ian (at volume 11 from the bathroom stall next to me): 'Some kids, they have outside wieners but I have an inside wiener and I told the other kids that my mom and dad left my wiener alone but they just keep asking why and I've told them 100 times but they just keep asking. And one kid said that some grown ups play with their wieners but another kid said NO THEY DON'T!'

Aug 24 - Ian was able to christen his new play house with Nicholas and the girls today. Hooray Craigslist and super hooray to George Powell and Perry Powell for going above and beyond to transport and re-assemble it!

Aug 25 - Ian kept asking if his butt was red and lamenting he couldn't see it. So I took an iPhone pic of his butt to show him. As soon as he examined it to his satisfaction he said, 'Mommy, don't take your phone to work tomorrow because I don't want you showing the whole world my butt.'

For the record, I deleted the picture.