Facebook Archive - July 2014

July 6 - We've reached the point where singing Bird on the Wire causes a lot of questions. 
'What does fashioned mean?'
'What does it mean to be free? Can't the bird just fly away? I guess there could be chewing gum under his foot and he's stuck.'

Still dodged the 'baby stillborn' lyric for now.

July 8 - We're having post swimming sushi again.

Ian: 'How do you say miso soup in English?'
Me: 'Well, I'm not sure what miso means ...'
Ian: 'Maybe it means fantabulous.'

July 8 - Bad: Ian refused to go to his swim lesson out of fear. Good: Ian spent and hour and a half at the pool doing all the things he wound have done in his lesson but with me and on his own terms, including diving underwater for rings. 

July 10 - Me, singing Bird on the Wire: '... like a knight from some old fashioned book ...'
Ian: 'Why would anybody to read old books? Wouldn't it just be broken and falling apart? ... And what's a drunkina?'

July 14 - My child got melatonin at 8pm and we went to lie in the dark at 8:30pm. It is now 10pm and he's asking me how Terro ant traps work. I told him they're clear liquid and it seems like food for them but is poison and then he asked how that's different from Daddy's clear bags that say LR on them (lactated ringer IV fluids). 

I am equal parts impressed and exhausted. 

Now he just asked me if for Christmas we can make Christmas cookies. 

Someone make an OFF switch for my kid's brain!

July 15 - 11:29pm marks the first snore of our son actually being asleep, for those playing along at home. He's a machine. A hypothetical question positing into the darkness machine.

July 16 - Home by 9:30pm, in bed at 10pm. One story out of my mouth ('Hank the dog who was great at hide and seek'). One song ('Trouble'). Rolled around a bit with his eyes closed. Sound asleep by 10:25pm. 
This I can work with.

July 17 - 7-7:30 bath (because wow he was like Pig Pen only with sticky food too), which he exited, drained, toweled off and dressed in his clothes for tomorrow all on his own. 

7:30-8 co-chilling in the futon bed we've moved downstairs, alternating between Hooked on Phonics app and flight simulator on the iPad. 

8-8:30 12.5mg of GAMA and 2.5mg melatonin then watching ninja turtles while I checked Daddy's drains and filled the fridge with TPN and IV ringer deliveries. 

8:30-9 two stories (one about Gerald the Goldfish and the other about Max the Red Super Shark) and two songs ('Trouble' and 'Strike the Bell' which is no longer in the lullaby repertoire because the word poop deck causes fits of giggles). 

I thought he was almost asleep and then he said he was hungry. So 9-9:08 was cereal in bed, which he inhaled. 

9:08-9:12 lying in the dark together. 9:12-9:18 as requested, I rubbed his back until he fell asleep. I'll lie here with him to help him stay chill and so I can sniff his head lovingly while he snores. 

That's our bed time routine.

July 30 - After a lot of furniture moving, the entire Stryker clan is back in one (giant) bed. A queen bed with a twin bed butted up to it as a 'sidecar' is pretty much wall to wall mattress, but we're luxuriating in it. The kitties are at least.

July 31 - I was just inhaling a popsicle in the kitchen when Ian walked in to see what I was doing. When I confessed I was eating a treat, he was all, 'Why don't you come and sit with me while you eat it. I don't care if you spill it on me because I can just change pants.'

He's going to make an awesome husband one day