Facebook Archive - June 2014

June 2 - Ian just requested Sarah Bareilles' 'Brave' and is now passionately singing along with it in the car. Thanks, Spotify app, for filling the pop music needs for my four year old.

June 2 - Tales from Camp Free Range Kids:
I washed my hands and when I turned the water off I heard the tail end of a conversation that went like this:

Ian: 'Because God said so.'
Feens: 'Is God your daddy?' 

He's not among the Presbyterians anymore! I told Jenna to feel free to ignore his proselytizing.

June 5 - That's our kid in the Green Lantern undies with a bucket on his head. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday.

June 14 - Ian: 'Travis is my daddy's best friend. I love him more than waffles!'

June 18 - There are times my son subsists on chicken nuggets and air. And then there are days like today when he requested sushi for dinner so he could have seaweed salad, miso soup, edamame, and a super super roll with eel, tuna and avocado. And apple juice to wash it down.

June 18 - The four year old knows my pin to unlock my phone, how to get to Instagram and studiously framed this pic before taking it. He says he needs his own phone for taking pictures (versus playing games). #proudphotomama

June 19 - After playing in Jenna's pool all afternoon and filling our pool on the back deck, Ian asked for a bath tonight. I told him he was probably clean already and he said, 'Don't you want your son to be happy?!'
So he was in the tub ... happy ... and I told him I had to go downstairs for something. I was in the kitchen and heard the water in the pipes. I yelled upstairs, 'You have enough water!' and the pipes went immediately silent. When I came back upstairs he looked at me like I was a sorceress!

June 20 - Earlier this week I went to pick up Ian and the girls were SUPER stoked about watching the Lego Movie. There was a lot of excited child talk about the movie and Ian said something about 'the black guy with the funny voice.'
Me: 'Who? Morgan Freeman?' 
Ian: 'No, the one with two faces!'
Oh *that* black guy. The yellow lego with the black cop uniform. Silly me.

June 20 - Ian is now asking for 'mama milk', claiming he can smell it.  I assured him it's all gone and he insisted, 'Can't you just try? You don't know if you never try.'
I blame Jenna and Feens. The plus side is he will make a great salesman or inspiration speaker one day.

June 20 - Ian now has his own iPhone. I wouldn't have predicted that we would get our four-year-old a smart phone, but I would buy him a helicopter if I thought it would make the next two weeks easier on him and us.

June 26 - I assumed Ian would spend most of his time on his New Phone playing games but his favorite thing besides calling me is the weather app, discussing when it may rain next. He's ready for his $0.25 coffee at McDonald's with all the other old men.