Facebook Archive - May 2014

May 1 - Ian has decided if he runs a restaurant it would only serve hot dogs, green beans, cheese toast and pickles.

May 1 - We only read a chapter and a half tonight because Ian got scared when the sharks in the ocean started attacking the giant peach. Like father, like son.

May 2 - For those keeping tabs on preschool fashion, Ian is still wearing his striped tights and winged shirt from his bee costume but he added checkered shorts because he tried to 'pull off a piece of string' from his tights and put a huge hole in the upper thigh. I told him I've had the same problem with my tights once or twice.

May 2 - -Ian slept for 4 hours in the car and woke up as we carried him into the hotel. He is now testing out his wings on the beds.

May 3 - I thought it was funny yesterday when Scott asked if there was a reason Ian was dressed like a bee or if I had just let him do that for fun. But here we are in a Pizza Hut in South Hill with our son dressed as a bee. So I guess the question was valid.

May 3 - Thanks to peer pressure, Ian will now eat apples with skin. He said he tried some of Noah's and 'it was DELICIOUS.'

May 4 - Ian (unprompted): 'I am stinky!'
Rich: 'You're like a general in the Stinky Army.'
Me: 'An admiral, even.'
Rich (sighing): 'That would be the Stinky Navy.'

May 6 - Chapters 20-22 of James and the Giant Peach. Five hundred and two seagulls is the magical number! New words were poppycock and balderdash.

May 9 - Me: 'Ian told me he wanted you to take him to school because I yell at him.'
Rich: 'That's ok, he wanted me to take him cause he thought I would stop at Wawa and get him a donut. I expected him to ask for you to drive him as soon as I told him we weren't getting donuts.'

May 14 - Me: 'Ooh, Ian, look at the sky! Doesn't it look like a painting?'
Ian: 'It's like we're all Legos and the little boy made all this for us.'
#kidphilosophy #divinelegobuilder

May 14 - We only made it through chapters 23-25 of James and the Giant Peach before exhaustion took over despite the cliffhanger at the end. There is still much concern that the sharks might come back but the songs Centipede sang were a great hit. As a note, making up melodies for multiple songs at once is tough parenting work.

May 14 - As we left the sushi restaurant tonight, after he had complimented the owner on her jade bracelet and requested a second helping of seaweed salad, Ian blurted out to the chefs, 'I really like your food here!' They all smiled and bowed gratefully. Then when we got outside Ian mused, 'I can't BELIEVE they speak Spanish in there!'

May 26 - Rich may be asleep but at least the four year old can keep me company after midnight. We're eating ice cream and watching Spider-Man.

May 26 - Ian: 'Mommy, will you still make me dinner today even though I was rude to you?' 
For the record, I said yes, but I did make him sweat a little.

May 26 - I told Ian he had four more school days and then he was going to Ms. Jenna's next week. He squealed and hugged me in delight. So that's nice knowing our kid will have a good summer. (No pressure, Free Range Kids ﷯ )

May 27 - Ian was hesitant to stay at school knowing Rich and I were leaving for TN. I asked him if he'd like Mamaw and Pop to pick him up early around 3pm. 'Ooh, yes! Call them and make sure they're awake by then.' #nightowlfamily

May 30 - ame home and tried to put my son to bed. I sang him every single song I know and a few I don't know for 90 minutes before he could finally settle and go to sleep. Nashville is a great city with lovely people, but I'm happy to be back in a state where the word 'ten' is only a one syllable word.