Facebook Archive - November 2014

Nov 5 - Our five year old is 48' tall and 63lb 4oz.

Nov 11 - Ian: 'Veteran's Day is my favorite holiday because I get to go to Ms. Jenna's!'

Nov 21 - Ian: 'Guess what I'm bigger than? I'm bigger than a bush!'
Me: 'Hey did you know that bananas don't grow on trees but on really big bushes?'
Ian: 'But I thought they grew on trees!'
Me: 'I know, crazy, hunh?'
Ian: 'EVERYONE thought that! How do you know that?'
Me: 'I read it somewhere.'
Ian: 'Man, I can't *wait* to read!'

Nov 25 - The problem with parenting is they need you to be their parent even when they're assholes. 
Ian: 'Mommy can I play on your phone?'
Me: 'No. I will feed you and keep you dry and warm and safe today. Anything beyond that is a stretch at this point.'

No 29 - Ian is having a homemade cheeseburger while I'm having shrimp pad thai. Well, Ian is stealing the shrimp out of my pad thai too. Good thing I put a whole pound in.